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Kayaks/Canoes should be of a suitable design for the expected conditions. Also should be built of suitable materials, to a good standard of workmanship and properly fitted with adequate buoyancy, end-grabs and footrests.

Buoyancy-aid Canoeists should, at all times on the water, wear a suitable Life jacket or Buoyancy-Aid.

Helmets Canoeists on moving water and close to the shore trips should wear helmets capable of protecting the wearer’s head from impact.

Spray-decks Where spray-decks are worn they must be fitted with release tabs or loops.

Exposure Suitable protective clothing should be worn and/or carried to protect against cold, wet and exposure.

Party Gear The party should be equipped with the following Party Gear:

                            Split or spare paddle              Throw lines, Cows tails and slings                                  Torch / Glow sticks

                            Repair tape                              Means of lighting a fire              Hot drinks/ food

                            Folding Saw                              First Aid Kit                                    Emergency blankets/ bags
                            Survival bag                              Spare food                                    Spare dry cloths

Specialised Equipment If the river is not well known to the paddlers it is suggested that they also take a map and compass, GPS/Epirb.  More remote rivers may need specialised equipment.