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Helicopter Safety  

Before the helicopter arrives make sure all light and loose items are away from the landing area. Do not wear loose clothing such as a sun hat.
Do not approach or leave without the pilot's knowledge and clearance. Keep in the pilot's field of vision and make sure he knows you are there. Around the back of the helicopter are the exhausts and rear blades. Do not walk there. Observe the Helicopter Safety Zone diagram.
On sloping ground, such as riverbanks, always approach or leave on the down slope side for maximum rotor clearance. Do not climb on boulders under the blades.
If blinded by swirling dust or grit, STOP - crouch lower or sit down and await assistance.
Approach in a crouching manner for extra rotor clearance. Ensure helmet straps are used. Never reach up or chase after a helmet or other articles that blow away.
Carry paddles, equipment, etc. horizontally below waist level, never upright or on the shoulder.
Do not attach anything to the helicopter without the pilot’s consent.
When getting in the helicopter, do so carefully without touching any controls. Leave your PFD off and your helmet on.
When unloading, if you can’t get your gear away, pile it up and crouch over it to hold it down while the helicopter leaves.