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The Trip Coordinator should see that information for the trip or activity is obtained from: “River Guides”, previous trip reports, maps, charts, tide tables and other paddlers.

Permission should be obtained from landowners, if private land needs to be crossed.  

Before leaving, the Trip Coordinator should make known the party’s intentions, giving details of the following to a responsible authority or person:

a)       Number and experience of paddlers, names and a contact’s phone number.

b)       How they are equipped.

c)       Expected “pull out” time and location.

d)       Campsites to be used.

e)       Transport arrangements.


Prior to the Trip

-The Trip Coordinator should check that permission has been obtained for access to the river.

-Record names of those that phone, and check that their paddling ability is appropriate for the trip. If necessary, ring previous leaders of trips that the person has been on.

-Ensure there will be enough experienced paddlers to give a ratio of one experienced to two beginners, or one experienced to four intermediate paddlers.

-Get an up-to-date weather forecast and river flow.

On the day

-Arrive at the meeting point on time and leave at the specified time.

-Discuss with the whole group the plans for the day including the grade of the river, the expected flow and weather conditions, the length of time on the river, and the options for various standards of paddlers.

-Check that each person has the appropriate clothing and equipment to complete the trip safely.

-Be prepared to stop a person travelling to the river if you know their paddling ability is not appropriate for this trip, and/or they don’t have the appropriate clothing and equipment.

-Ensure all paddlers record their details on the Trip Contact List.

-Arrange transport of people and boats, and discuss shuttle plans. Ensure everyone knows the way to the river, and the get-in and get-out points. If necessary arrange intermediary-meeting points en route.

At the river

-Divide the paddlers into groups (Approx 4 to 6 per group) with an assigned Leader and Second.   Emphasise the need to stay in these groups.

-Each Group Leader will assign Minders for beginners.

-Make sure that each person has the appropriate clothing and equipment, and each group has safety and rescue gear.  (See Equipment)

-Some food and drink should be carried. Leaders need to stress the need to drink plenty of fluids throughout the trip.

-On colder days thermos flasks should be taken on the river.

-Ensure each Group Leader and Second knows the hazards of the river, the get-out point and other access points on the way.