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River Signals

Universal River Signals

Paddle or arm held horizontally and moved slightly up and down = stop!

Paddle or arm held vertically in line with the body = Go

Vertically held paddle or arm waved back and forth = Help!

Paddle held out at 45° (or near as) to one side = go that way N.B. Never point at the hazard.

Signals agreed on within the group can include

First hitting open palm = hard landing

Open hand hitting open palm at about 45° and skating off at 45° = boof move    

Hand held up with palm out and fingers stretched open = tree or sieve

Pointing at outstretched tongue = tongue of water

First hitting top of head = I’m okay, are you okay?

Hand pointing to the centre of head or stomach then travelling up and down the centre of the body = go centre

Index finger pointing up and moved in a circular motion, then pointed in a certain direction = there is an eddy there to use

Fist clenched and held up = rock